Data Intelligence for BioTech and Pharma

Let us monitor global research and patent activity for you.

SciCurve is a data intelligence platform designed to generate metadata relevant to your R&D, PR, HR, legal, and patent departments.

Our autonomous alert system reports on globally emerging trends, new methods or technology applications, and alerts you on significant paradigm shifts in your field of research. We target and track best experts and institutions for specific topics. Clients' legal and patent departments use SciCurve for monitoring the global patent submission activity.

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SciCurve allows companies to

  • Better estimate costs of future R&D activities
  • Minimise the probability of error during strategic planning
  • Accelerate the R&D phase for new products
  • Identify and monitor relevant patent activity that could affect the outcomes of their R&D projects
  • Target professionals suited for their R&D positions or best institutions for collaboration
  • Provide infographics for general and professional public, justifying their research and products

Services: R&D, legal & patent Marketing & PR HR & Recruiting

For R&D, legal, and patent departments

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Automatic monitoring of trends in developing research

Clients can set up a monitoring system which will keep an eye on trends they need to be informed of. SciCurve automatically alerts your R&D department on paradigm shifts every time significant activity occurs. We will target, track, and interpret trends in current research, describe the relevant development in your field through dynamic visualisations, and suggest essential publications to accelerate your innovation.

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Contextual analysis of patents related to your legal and R&D activities

SciCurve monitors prioritised trends in submitted and accepted patents. The system will update your patent and legal department on any relevant global patent activity which could positively or negatively affect the outcomes of your R&D projects.

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Fully customised search engine

SciCurve integrates the client’s internal data and additional external databases (e.g. reports from internal R&D activities, external drug toxicity databases, etc.), so we are able to compare internal data to rich external sources.

For marketing and PR departments

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Promotion of client’s products, services, and professionals

SciCurve metadata are used by marketing and PR in their campaigns. We generate eye-catching, interactive visualizations and reports, emphasising the importance of specific research, drug or medical application.

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Evidence-driven communication with general and professional public

Our clients are often engaged in discussions with general public regarding the justification of medical research and proper application of medicine and therapies (e.g. the anti-vax movement). SciCurve helps your PR to communicate their position based on scientific evidence in a visually appealing way.

For HR and recruiting departments

Headhunting icon

Data-driven headhunting and identification of talented candidates

SciCurve identifies the best fitting candidates based on specifications provided by your recruiting team (i.e. the field of expertise, geographical location, level of experience). We will provide your HR with a list of potential targets and rank them according to their relevance.

Business opportunity icon

Find your next business opportunity

When looking out for new business ventures and institutions to collaborate with, SciCurve can help you identify your best options.

How it works?

To crystallize valuable knowledge out of plain information about people institutions and research trends, our A.I. applies a set of powerful semantic algorithms and mathematical models on globally scattered data sources and client’s internal databases.

Our partners and clients

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